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Can someone with high blood pressure eat red meat?

Organic Beef Is a Good Option for People With High Blood Pressure

Organic beef (a.k.a. grass fed beef) contains up to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than grain fed beef. These fatty acids are friendly fats because they are essential to your body. Did you know that people who have a good supply of omega-3s in their diet lessen their chances of high blood pressure?
When cows are stuck in feedlots and only fed grain, they are not receiving the nutrition they need that is provided by grass. Omega-3s are in green plants. In fact, omega-3s comprise 60% of the fatty acids in grass. While many commercial beef farmers will try to supplement their cattle's feed with omega-3 grain – the cattle still lose their beneficial fat.

If you have high blood pressure, you should consider switching to organic beef. It has the essential omega-3 fatty acids that your body needs to lower its blood pressure.

What is organic beef?

Identifying Certified Organic Beef

True organic beef is beef that is raised on land that is certified organic. This means the land is free from pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers for at least three years. When beef is labeled organic, you can be assured that the animals were not fed grain, hormones, steroids, or that they grazed in pastures that were treated with chemicals. Be mindful when purchasing organic beef. Many meat dealers will try to persuade you their meat is organic, when it is not. True organic beef dealers will list their practices and be open to questions by you, the consumer. If you have any questions, simply ask. If your questions are ignored, it may be a sign that the meat dealer has something to hide.

How do I store my meat so that it is safe?

Tips for Storing Beef

When you receive your beef from a meat dealer, many times it will be vacuum-sealed. If you plan on eating your beef within a week or two, you should simply place the box in the refrigerator. However, if you purchased in bulk, or if you do not plan to eat your meat soon, you should put your vacuum-sealed meat in the freezer. It can last up to six months.

Is it safe for children to eat commercial meat?

Children And Hormone Free Beef

If you have children, you should take into consideration the growth hormones and steroids that are given to animals who make up our food supply. It is common knowledge that children are maturing at a faster rate than they did 50 years ago. Children are also more obese than they were decades ago. Studies continue to be done to prove that growth hormones and steroids that are in commercial meat and dairy products are impacting the health of our youth. If you have children, you should consider only feeding them hormone free beef and dairy products. This will allow their bodies to grow and develop naturally.

Can you get cancer from eating meat that has hormones?

Cancer Risks of Grain Fed Beef

After conducting numerous studies, the European Union concluded that anyone who eats meat that is ridden with growth hormones and steroids are putting themselves more at risk for getting cancer. The E.U. placed a ban on importing American beef that had been given hormones. They went on to state that one of the six growth hormones that is used in commercial United States beef does cause cancer. Of course, this is refuted by the United States. Is it simply politics at play here, or not? Only you can be the judge. However, it is worth asking yourself that if the E.U. simply wanted to boycott United States beef, why did they still permit imports of hormone free beef from the United States? Anyone who has a family history of cancer should seriously consider eating only hormone free beef. Organic beef is easy to attain and the health of your body is simply too important to put at risk over a hamburger.

Can I age my own meat at home in the refrigerator?

Leave the Aging to the Professionals

It is not advised that you try to make your own aged meat. There is a vast difference between aged beef and old meat. Beef aging is a delicate process that simply cannot be done in a refrigerator. Air temperatures, humidity and air flow are all crucial to aging beef. If you try to age your own beef, the chances are great that you will only end up with meat that is full of bacteria and a large hospital bill!

Why did the European Union ban American beef?

The EU Imports Hormone Free Beef

In the late 1990s, the European Union placed a ban on American beef because it did not meet their safety standards. The European Union stated they were trying to protect their citizens from ingesting hormone laced meat because it put their health at risk. However, Americans continue to gobble up this meat like it is in short supply. Needless to say, the E.U.'s ban helped bring attention to many health issues that everyday Americans may not have contemplated. A few of these health issues include the failing nutrition values in commercial American beef, the prevalence of steroids, antibiotics and other chemicals in the meat, as well as the inhumane treatment of animals.

Since the EU felt it was necessary to ban U.S. meat, many American consumers have since chosen to only eat hormone free beef. If you are concerned about your health, and the health of your family, you should know that there is an alternative to the commercial beef products that are sold at your local supermarket. Hormone free beef dealers can easily be accessed on the Internet.

Why do environmentalists like organic beef farmers?

Organic Beef Embraced By Environmentalists

Environmentalists are embracing organic beef farmers because this form of raising cattle is better for the environment. These farmers do not apply harsh chemicals or fertilizers to their fields and/or pastures. Likewise, organic beef farmers do not overstock their pastures with cattle. This means that there is a balance in the land. Manure is absorbed by the soil and plants and there is no manure “run off” being washed into our water supply. If you are concerned about the environment and are looking for healthy meat you should patron beef farmers who only practice organic methods.

Why are more people overweight today than in previous generations?

CLA and Organic Beef

Research is showing that many of America's health problems are a result of the changes we have made in our daily diets over the last five to six decades. The most noticeable change is that people are eating more grain fed beef. Grain and growth hormones in meat are thought to be the reason that obesity is on the rise in North America.

Many people are wising up and deciding to purchase only organic beef. Grass fed beef is prevalent in CLA. CLA is an important part in human metabolisms. It controls the rate that our bodies burn fat and how our bodies turn food into energy. (CLA also promotes the development of muscles, improves our immune system and keeps many different types of cancers from growing.)

If you are looking for a change in your diet that will help you keep your weight under control, you should consider organic beef. Commercial beef is generally depleted of nutrients, which includes the beneficial CLA. If there is not an organic beef market in your neighborhood, remember that you can easily find organic beef online.

Can beef cause fertility problems?

Commercial Beef May Cause Fertility Problems

If you are having fertility problems and the doctors have told you that you have a low sperm count, it may be due to the beef that you eat. In the last 50 years, sperm counts in men have reduced by 50 percent. This is caused by a medical condition known as estrogen dominance. It occurs in both women and men. It primarily affects the reproductive system, but it can affect the entire human body.
Chemicals that the human body is exposed to acts like estrogen. These chemicals can crowd out our natural hormones, which can cause low sperm count in men and infertility problems in women. Anyone who is having fertility problems should consider only eating hormone free beef. Commercial beef is full of hormones and chemicals which may be the very thing that is keeping your reproductive system out of balance.

What is marbled beef?

Marbled Beef Is More Flavorful Than Lean Beef

Many people chose to purchase marbled beef simply because it tastes better. Marbled beef retains its juiciness and its tenderness. Meat without a good deal of marbling (or fat) is less flavorful. In recent years, many people have begun to think that animal fat is the reason for the rise in obesity and disease and they are only buying lean cuts of beef. However, we should remember that throughout history people have eaten meat and they did not suffer with weight issues or disease like we do today. So, what has changed?
The answer is in how cattle are being raised today. Commercial beef is fed unnatural diets and they are pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics. These products are stored in the animal's fat. When you eat these animals, you are getting the chemicals the animal ingested, too.

If you want to eat a quality piece of marbled meat that is good for you and which has the “good fat” you need, you should stick with free range, grass fed or organic beef. This is the type of meat our ancestors consumed. These meats are full of CLA which can help you lose weight, boost your immune system and keep your heart healthy.

Where can consumers buy hormone and chemical free foods?

Organic Beef on the Internet

If you feel like you are living in a world full of hormone and chemical laden foods, there is hope. You can purchase natural, chemical free foods such as dairy, meat and vegetables online safely.
When locating your organic beef, chicken, lamb and other products online, you should look for the USDA's meat label which states “certified organic.” Many of these products will also be labeled “free range” or “grass fed.” While these chemical free products will cost more than what you would pay at your local supermarket for commercial products, they are well worth the extra dollars. Many people are hopeful that with time, regulations will be put into effect that will change the way animal products are managed.

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