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How do I keep variety meats fresh longer?

How to Keep Your Variety Meats Fresh

One way to ensure that your variety meats will keep longer is to freeze them upon delivery. If you're buying fresh meat, you should make sure that the meat you are buying has not been previously frozen. If you're buying meat for shipment, many meats come vacuum-sealed and last for years in your freezer. To freeze your variety meats, you should first wrap them in aluminum foil. Next, place them in a freezer bag. Label the bag according to its contents and the date in which they were placed in the freezer. Variety meats should be consumed within three months, as they do not keep longer than that – even in a deep freeze.

Is there anyway to keep myself from getting E.coli from meat?

Grass-Fed Beef Less Likely to Have E. Coli Contamination

Are you aware that much of the E. coli contamination that takes place in meat happens in the slaughterhouse? E. coli contamination occurs when meat comes in contact with animal manure. So, it is a given that the cleaner the animals (the less manure that is sticking to their bodies) the less likely E. coli contamination can take place.

The digestive system in grass fed animals runs at 7 pH versus 4 pH in grain fed animals. Ecoli 157 will not survive in the stomach of a grass-fed animal due to the high pH.

Cattle raised in feedlots are generally in filthy conditions when they reach the slaughter house. Feedlot animals are forced to stand all day in tight conditions in manure and dirt. It is nearly impossible to remove all the fecal matter from them. Pasture raised animals (a.k.a. grass-fed beef) are cleaner animals because they are not confined. Grass-fed beef has free roam of clean pastures and they are not forced to stand in bunches inside an unsanitary feedlot. The only way to cut down your risk of getting E. coli is to purchase grass-fed beef.

What is grass fed beef?

Know the Differences Between Grass-Fed Beef and Commercial Beef

A true “grass fed” animal is one that is fed only on natural organic matter, such as grasses and clover, up to the day they are slaughtered. There are many companies that claim their beef or lamb is natural, when in fact it is not. Many times these animals are allowed to feed on natural grasses – up until a few months prior to the slaughter date. Then, these animals are moved into a feedlot where they are given a diet of grain or animal byproducts to fatten them up. Some producers of “natural” products will even give their livestock growth hormones or steroids. You should carefully research the company where you purchase your grass-fed beef and lamb to ensure their animals are 100% grass fed.

Where do I find a natural form of CLA?

Grass Fed Lamb and CLA

Don't waste your money on synthetic CLA from a health food store. If you want the best source of CLA available, it is as simple as eating grass fed lamb or beef. This is CLA in its purest, most natural form. When CLA is consumed in its natural form, you will receive the proper 1:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. Grass fed lamb also contains four times the amount of vitamins A and E than grain fed meat. So, do your body a favor. Put aside those synthetic products and eat grass fed meat. That is the way nature intended for you to receive your nutrition in the first place.

What should I know before I purchase hearts?

Variety Meats: Hearts

When purchasing hearts, you should keep in mind that lamb, pork, beef and poultry hearts may be tough. The younger the animal, the more tender the heart will be. You should look for hearts that are red in color. You do not want to purchase hearts that are gray or brown. These variety meats should also have a fresh smell. Hearts should be treated much like liver. They should be eaten they day they are purchased, or stored for no more than 48 hours in the refrigerator.

Which animals do variety meats come from?

Variety Meats Can Come From Various Animals

You have a wide range of variety meats to choose from. From beef, pork, poultry and lamb, there is sure to be one that suits your taste buds. When purchasing your variety meats, you should keep in mind that the younger animals will be more mild and tender than older animals.

How do I know if kidneys are fresh?

Variety Meats: Lamb Kidneys

When checking lamb kidneys for freshness, you want them to be pale red or pink. You do not want to prepare kidneys that are already starting to turn purple – or ones that have a strong smell. When checking this meat variety for freshness, you want to see kidneys that do not have any dry or dull spots. The color of the kidneys should be uniform and even. If the kidneys you have purchased do not meet these standards, you should throw them out. They are not fresh.

What are sweetbreads?

Variety Meats: Sweetbreads

If you are at a restaurant and sweetbreads are on the menu, you better make sure you know what you are ordering. The delicacy sweetbread is not actually bread. It is a variety meat. It is the thymus gland. Sweetbreads consist of the heart lobe and the throat lobe. Of the two, the heart lobe is thought to be the more delicious of the pair.

How is grass fed lamb better for you?

Grass Fed Lamb vs. Commercial Lamb

Grass fed lamb is simply a better product than commercial lamb meat. While it is true that grass fed lambs do not fatten up as fast as grain-fed animals, their meat is healthier, leaner and more tender. The obvious reasons that grass fed lambs are more healthy is because they are not contained in cramped feed lots being forced fed grains and hormones. Lambs raised on grain generally have too much fat which changes the flavor of the meat. These lambs will suffer fewer digestive problems and will have better overall health because they are allowed to wean at leisure, instead of being separated from their mother at a young age.

Can beef make a sick person sicker?

People With Liver Disease or Cancer Should Only Eat Grass-Fed Beef

If there is someone in your family who has liver disease or cancer, you should make sure they only eat grass-fed beef. There is a bacterium known as “campylobacter” which is carried by 58% of feedlot beef. This bacterium can make a human very sick. Some of the symptoms include: muscle pains, headache, vomiting, nausea, fever, and abdominal pain. However, if an individual has liver problems or cancer, campylobacter can be life-threatening. Symptoms of this illness generally arise within three to ten days of eating the affected meat.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to avoid bad meat?

Restaurant Beef Is Not From Grass Fed Beef

Eating grass-fed beef is the only way you can be certain that you are not consuming meat that is ridden with disease (such as mad cow), antibiotics or hormones. When eating out, you should be especially mindful of what you are consuming. For instance, any food that you consume which comes prepackaged is probably not from grass-fed meat. This includes hot dogs, sausages, taco fillings and pizza toppings. You should know that the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service found that 35% of these products were produced from meat scraps. These scraps were made up of meat from bones. When dining out, you may want to stick to salads and veggies.

Where can I get a whole lamb for a picnic?

Tips for Ordering a Whole Grass Fed Lamb

If you have a special event coming up, you should treat your friends and family to a lamb roast. You can have whole lambs delivered to you dressed and uncut through any one of the grass fed lamb sites on the Internet. Just keep in mind that these individuals usually need about a four-week notice to ensure that your order is prepared correctly, scheduled and shipped. When planning, you should allot at least four pounds of lamb per guest. Whole lambs can be roasted over an open fire on a spit, or they can be cooked in a pit.

Does grass fed beef taste different?

Grass-Fed Beef and Your Tastebuds

If you have never tasted grass-fed beef, you may not be accustomed to the taste. Most of today's Americans have been raised on grain fed beef and are unaware that they are missing out on the true taste of meat as nature intended. All grass-fed meats, be it lamb, chicken, beef or bison, have high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. The flavor of these healthy acids is unfamiliar to many people – simply because they have never experienced eating a healthy piece of meat. So, when you bite into a fresh, grass-fed piece of beef, you may wonder at the taste. Just know that you will soon become accustomed to it and you will probably be wondering how you ever thought grain fed meat tasted good.

What should I know when purchasing liver?

Variety Meats: Liver

Of all the livers, calf liver is the palest and pinkest in color. When purchasing beef liver, keep in mind that the darker the liver, the stronger the taste and odor. Chicken liver is said to have the mildest of flavor while pork liver has the most powerful flavor.

All of these variety meats should be prepared the day they are bought. However, you can store liver in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.

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