Cancer Risks of Grain Fed Beef

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Can you get cancer from eating meat that has hormones?

Cancer Risks of Grain Fed Beef

After conducting numerous studies, the European Union concluded that anyone who eats meat that is ridden with growth hormones and steroids are putting themselves more at risk for getting cancer. The E.U. placed a ban on importing American beef that had been given hormones. They went on to state that one of the six growth hormones that is used in commercial United States beef does cause cancer. Of course, this is refuted by the United States. Is it simply politics at play here, or not? Only you can be the judge. However, it is worth asking yourself that if the E.U. simply wanted to boycott United States beef, why did they still permit imports of hormone free beef from the United States? Anyone who has a family history of cancer should seriously consider eating only hormone free beef. Organic beef is easy to attain and the health of your body is simply too important to put at risk over a hamburger.



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