CLA and Organic Beef

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Why are more people overweight today than in previous generations?

CLA and Organic Beef

Research is showing that many of America's health problems are a result of the changes we have made in our daily diets over the last five to six decades. The most noticeable change is that people are eating more grain fed beef. Grain and growth hormones in meat are thought to be the reason that obesity is on the rise in North America.

Many people are wising up and deciding to purchase only organic beef. Grass fed beef is prevalent in CLA. CLA is an important part in human metabolisms. It controls the rate that our bodies burn fat and how our bodies turn food into energy. (CLA also promotes the development of muscles, improves our immune system and keeps many different types of cancers from growing.)

If you are looking for a change in your diet that will help you keep your weight under control, you should consider organic beef. Commercial beef is generally depleted of nutrients, which includes the beneficial CLA. If there is not an organic beef market in your neighborhood, remember that you can easily find organic beef online.



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