Where to Locate Free Range Lamb

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I cannot find free range lamb locally, where do I get it?

Where to Locate Free Range Lamb

The chances are slim that the lamb you find in your grocery store is free range lamb. You will probably have to go on the Internet to find this delicacy. However, do not let buying meat via the Internet deter you. When you purchase free range lamb, you are guaranteed to have a healthier and more pure form of meat than the commercial lamb you are use to purchasing from your grocer. You can be assured that the meat is fresher than what is stocked in your local supermarket!

A great plus to ordering lamb via the Internet is that you will have a wider choice of cuts than what you may be used to. Here is a list of the cuts you will be able to choose from: ground leg, leg of lamb, lamb shank, lamb shoulder roast, rack of lamb, lamb steak and lamb roasts. So, make out your list, place your order, and clean out your freezer because your lamb could be delivered the following day.



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