Bison Is Healthier Than Chicken

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Why has bison become so popular?

Bison Is Healthier Than Chicken

The rise in popularity of bison on the dinner table can be attributed in part to consumers who are concerned about their health – and the health of their families. Studies have shown that bison is very high in iron and protein, yet it is lower in cholesterol, calories and fat than beef, chicken and pork. In fact, bison has one third less cholesterol and fat than even boneless chicken breasts!

If you are trying to eat healthy and are growing bored of endless meals of chicken, you should think about adding bison to your diet. Many people are excited when they discover bison. They find they can have the taste of meat without the added cholesterol and fat of ordinary red meats. The American Heart Association reports that red meat has a fat count of 9.26 grams while bison's fat count is a mere 2.42 grams. Those numbers alone are enough to make healthy minded dieters chose bison, but when you add the tasty flavor of bison to the equation, it's a win-win combination.



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