How to Freeze Wild Salmon

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How do I freeze salmon to ensure it stays in good condition?

How to Freeze Wild Salmon

If you order wild salmon online, it will come in a box and each of your fish will be wrapped individually. When your order arrives, you should remove the top of the box before you place it into your freezer. You also have the option of removing each fish from the box and placing them directly on the freezer shelves. However, you should not remove the plastic sleeves that surround the fish until you are ready to thaw them. If you have purchased wild salmon in bulk, you should wrap each fish in aluminum foil, as they may be in your freezer for many, many months.

If possible, it is best to store your salmon in old freezers. Many frost-free freezers can promote freezer burn in the fish because the air circulates throughout the freezer – which can remove moisture from the meat. If you have a grandparent or other relative who has an old freezer they want to get rid of, don't let it go to the scrap yard, tell them you want it.



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