Wild Salmon: Nature's Healthy Fish

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Can you recommend a healthy seafood?

Wild Salmon: Nature's Healthy Fish

Mother Nature provides us with the nutrients we need to stay healthy. Wild salmon is a perfect example of a food that is both good for our health and pleasing to our taste buds. Research has shown that people who make salmon and other seafood a mainstay in their diet will have better health and longevity than people who do not.
One reason that wild salmon is so good for the body is that it has the highest level of omega 3 oils than any other fish. Scientists tell us that omega 3's benefits include decreasing high cholesterol, increasing blood flow and the relaxation of arteries and decreasing blood clotting factors. Omega 3 oils have also been linked to improving and/or preventing arthritis, asthma, cancer, and certain kinds of mental illness.
If you are wanting to do something good for your health, you should consider adding wild salmon to your diet. Wild salmon is different from commercial salmon in that it is raised in the cleanest waters that can be found in Alaska. Wild salmon is free of pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Wild salmon is also free of additives and colors and it is sent to you flash frozen – unlike the salmon you purchase at your local supermarket which has come from a “salmon farm.”



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