Why Raw Cheese Tastes Different Than Commercial Cheese

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Why does raw cheese taste better than commercial cheese?

Why Raw Cheese Tastes Different Than Commercial Cheese

The reason that raw cheese tastes better than commercial cheese is that it is organic. This means the cows that the cheese is produced from are fed on pastures that are free of chemicals such as herbicides or pesticides. Another reason raw cheese taste better is that the cows who produce your raw cheese products are not crowded together inside a feedlot. This means they are not frightened (or as stressed) as cows who are in feedlots and their milk will not be laden with chemicals or “stress hormones.”

Many people wonder how these organic animals are kept well, when so many feedlot cattle have to be given antibiotics. One reason organic dairy cows stay well is they are allowed to graze at leisure. They have built in instincts which direct them to pick and choose which grasses their systems need to stay healthy. This means healthier and better tasting cheese for you because it is free of antibiotics and medication. People who eat raw cheese testify that the cheese is smoother and more tasty than commercial cheese. The fact that it is healthier for you than commercial cheese is just a given.



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