Vitamins: Raw Cheese vs. Commercial Cheese

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What kind of vitamins are in raw cheese?

Vitamins: Raw Cheese vs. Commercial Cheese

If you are looking for a food for your family that is high in vitamins and tasty, you should consider raw cheese. Raw cheese has a higher concentration of all the vitamins (and four times more vitamin E) than cheese that is made from grain eating animals.
One reason that raw cheese has more vitamins than commercial cheese is that cows that are fed on grass diets produce less milk. This means their milk has a higher concentration of vitamins. You should know that many commercial dairies fed their cattle grain because it makes them produce more milk. However, a cow only has so much vitamins to go around. This means that products made from a grain fed cow's milk is thinner, or has a “watered down” supply of vitamins.

If the high concentration of vitamins in raw cheese isn't enough persuasion to get you to think about feeding your family raw cheese, think about this. Raw cheese is full of CLA which is a powerful cancer fighting agent. Raw cheese has 500% more CLA than commercial cheese which is made from grain-fed animals.



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