Beef Liver Cooking Tips

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What temperature should beef liver be cooked on?

Beef Liver Cooking Tips

If you are one of the many individuals who eats beef liver because of its powerful medicinal properties, you should take the added step of purchasing only grass-fed products. Liver that comes from grass fed beef is healthier for you than commercial liver – and you can be certain that there have been no hormones, steroids or antibiotics added to the meat. Since liver is high in iron, it is recommended that you eat no more than three to five ounces of it per month. You should look at liver as the delectable treat that it is. Buy only the best and purest form of liver available.

Liver cooks best over medium-high heat. It can be cut into strips prior to cooking. If you do not want your liver cut into strips, you should make tiny cuts every inch along the meat to keep it from curling.



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