Environmentalists Embrace Free Range Beef Farming Methods

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Why are environmental groups encouraging people to purchase free range beef?

Environmentalists Embrace Free Range Beef Farming Methods

There is no doubt that farming is a major industry worldwide. There is also no question that many of today's commercial farming practices are taking a toll on the environment. Unfortunately, these unnatural farming methods have even impacted the cattle market. Today, cattle are ready for the market in less than two years, which is an improvement from half a century ago when cattle went to the market when they were around three years of age.

This rush to the marketplace is a result of feeding cattle on mixtures of substances which are unnatural to them such as growth hormones, excessive grain and antibiotics. However, due to the falling standards of beef (and the seemingly low nutritional value of beef due to these unnatural practices), many farmers and ranchers question their methods. Many of them are changing the way they raise cattle and are going back to the old way of doing things by raising free range beef. These organic farmers and ranchers are no longer buying grains, steroids, antibiotics and hormones. They are simply letting the cattle roam the pastures and allowing them to grow naturally.

The numbers don't lie. Free range beef is a better quality of meat and the nutritional value exceeds commercial beef. Many environmental groups are embracing the techniques which are implemented by free range beef ranchers and farmers. If you are environmentally conscious and want to make a difference in your world (and your health) you should only patron those farmers and ranchers who produce free range beef.



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