Free Range Lambs Can Stay With Their Mothers

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What is a free range lamb?

Free Range Lambs Can Stay With Their Mothers

Free range lamb is similar to free range beef and chicken in that the animals are allowed to live out in the open pastures instead of feed lots. New lambs are allowed to be with their mothers in the pasture where they can feed on natural grasses and their mother's milk at will. Free range lambs are not given unnatural diets of animal byproducts. It is no surprise that free range lamb is more tasty and tender than commercial lamb – their growth is natural and not enhanced with steroids.

Unbeknownst to many, allowing lambs to roam freely can be an essential part of maintaining the environment. Their free grazing helps to build up the soil with organic matter (manure) while their endless eating helps to stay off the growth of noxious weeds. If you have a field or pasture that you are tired of mowing, purchase lambs and they will chew it down for you.



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