Artificial Lights to Foster Growth

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Are commercial chickens raised under artificial light?

Artificial Lights to Foster Growth

Every living thing needs sunshine. Animals are no exception. Did you know that most of the birds in commercial chicken plants never see the sunlight? Many of these birds are kept under artificial lights for 20 plus hours per day! This constant lighting is applied to the birds because it speeds up their growth and makes them ready for the marketplace sooner. However, this unnatural light is not good for the birds. It depresses their immune system and suppresses melatonin, which is an immune-boosting hormone. Their illnesses are then treated with antibiotics and vaccines. So, not only are you consuming an unhealthy bird, but one which is full of antibiotics.

Free range chickens, on the other hand, are the healthiest of all chickens. These chickens are allowed to roam in pastures where they have natural sunlight and the benefits of dark at nighttime. They are not given antibiotics or growth hormones. These birds are allowed to mature naturally without the help of man.



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