Humane Treatment of Animals

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Why are some animal rights advocates supporting free range chicken producers?

Humane Treatment of Animals

It normally takes about three months for a chicken to reach maturity, but today's chicken factories are speeding up the maturity process to about six weeks for chickens. This speeding of the chicken's growth is unhealthy for the bird and for you the consumer. When chickens are made to grow at such an unnatural rate, their lungs and hearts cannot sustain them. A bigger, fatter chicken requires more oxygen which in turn makes the chicken's heart beat faster. Eventually, a young chicken's heart can fail under the burden. This is called “ascities” and it is cited for killing millions of fowl worldwide.
As the practices of many chicken factories or plants are coming to light, many are choosing to only purchase free range chicken. Environmentalists and animal rights advocates do so in support of the natural and healthy living conditions that free range chickens are raised in. Others choose to purchase only free range chickens because they are assured of receiving quality meat. Wherever your interests lie, purchasing free range chickens is the best choice for both you and the chicken!



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