Free Range Chicken vs. Commercial Chicken

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What is so special about free range chicken?

Free Range Chicken vs. Commercial Chicken

Free range chickens live on natural diets and their lives are free of stress because they are able to roam, follow their instincts and live as nature intended. Commercial chickens are raised in factories, or “chicken plants” where they are kept in cramped quarters. The chickens in some plants can be packed so tightly next to each other that they are unable to move around. This in turn produces stress in the bird. Stress can lead to disease and even bad tasting meat! The growth of some chickens is stunted because of the cramped conditions – and then they are given hormones to make them fat. If you want high quality chicken that is disease free and raised in humane conditions, you should purchase free range chicken.



11/7/2007 4:42:13 AM
Wayne said:

The use of hormones on chickens or pigs is against regulation. Antibiotic use on these animals is not restricted and is the true source of concern.


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