Free Range Beef Is Coming to the Rescue of Concerned Meat Eaters

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Why do some people give up eating meat, even if they like it?

Free Range Beef Is Coming to the Rescue of Concerned Meat Eaters

Many people have given up meat due to health concerns. They are alarmed about the health hazards of consuming animals which have been raised on unnatural substances such as hormones and antibiotics. Another concern which leads people to avoid eating meat is the stress that confined animals undergo during their lives.

We all have heard about the stress hormones which are released in an animal's system when he or she is in a frightening environment. These chemicals which are released in frightened cattle end up in the meat that you put on your dinner table. Many people simply do not want to ingest a product that is chock full of stress hormones, growth hormones and/or antibiotics.

If you have given up meat because of health concerns, you can feel safe purchasing free range beef. Unlike cattle that are raised in a feedlot, free range cattle are allowed to roam. Free range cattle are less anxious and stressed than their brothers and sisters which live in a feedlot. There is no need to fear that these animals are frightened or that their meat is laced with stress chemicals.

Another benefit of consuming only free range beef is that the cattle are not fed artificial feed which has all the by-products and un-organic properties that health conscious consumers want to avoid. Free range cattle feed only on natural organic grasses. This gives them all of the necessary nutrients they need to be strong and healthy. This means a natural, healthier and safer quality of meat for you when it reaches the marketplace.



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