Free Range Beef Are Free of Sicknesses

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Can feeding a cow grain make them sick?

Free Range Beef Are Free of Sicknesses

It is known throughout the farming and ranching communities that cattle in feedlots will generally suffer from very acidic digestive systems from being fed excessive amounts of grain . . . and from being confined.

“Subacute acidosis” is one illness that is prevalent in cattle feedlots. This illness is very painful to the animals. They will pant, kick at their bellies, have diarrhea, eat dirt and refuse their feed. These cattle suffer from chronic belly aches.

Feedlot cows are generally more aggressive than free range cows, as well. This is due in part to the fact that feedlot cattle are generally fed once a day in the morning. Being confined in a feedlot 24/7 keeps the cattle from following their natural instincts which are to roam and graze, especially in the late evenings.

Morally speaking, many consumers are choosing to purchase free range beef over commercial beef – which is usually raised in a feedlot or “beef factory.” The fact that free range beef is healthier for you is simply the cherry on top. The Internet is a great place for you to locate free range beef. If you are concerned about animal welfare and want to help the quality of life for beef cattle, show your support by only buying free range beef.



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