Quality of Life for Free Range Beef

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Are free range beef treated better than other beef?

Quality of Life for Free Range Beef

Free range beef is the term used for cattle who are allowed to roam freely through pastures. These animals are free to graze off natural grasses in the pasture and live as nature intended them to. These cattle aren't given steroids, hormones or grain. This method of ranching is very different from the “factory” cattle farms where the animals are kept in confined feedlots each and every day. If many people were able to tour a feedlot, they would be very sad at the treatment of the animals and they would probably never eat commercial meat again.

free range beef is fast becoming the choice of many consumers as this method of ranching ensures that the cattle live a better quality of life. If you are an ethically minded consumer, you should look for beef products which are labeled “free range.”



8/16/2006 3:56:28 PM
Jamie said:

A quick google will tell you that just because something is labeled Free Range doesn't mean that it is. The USDA doesn't regulate it. So how is a consumer supposed to know, without personally visiting the farm?


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