Free Range Bison Vs. Grain Fed Bison

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What should I look for when purchasing bison?

Free Range Bison Vs. Grain Fed Bison

If you are planning to add bison to your diet, you should look for free range bison over grain fed bison. Many ranchers are discovering that bison should not be raised like cattle and fed grain. Research has shown that bison feedlots (which are known for feeding grains and growth hormones) lead to a lower quality of meat. Simply put, bison are grazing animals who do not need their diets supplemented with grain or animal by-products. Grain affects the types of fat deposits, as well as the amount of fat, in the animals. When bison are left to roam, they will eat grass and clover as nature intended. This keeps them in their optimal health ranges and keeps them leaner – which means the meat is healthier for you! When purchasing bison, thoroughly research its origin to ensure that you are receiving free range bison that have been raised on pure, clean pastures.



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