Tips for Storing Beef Patties and Other Meats

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How long can I store beef patties?

Tips for Storing Beef Patties and Other Meats

If you have purchased steak, beef patties, roasts, and other meat products in bulk, you should know the proper storage times for each in the freezer.

Roasts/Chops/Beef Patties/Ribs: 12 months

Liver/Other Variety Meats: 3-4 months

Soups/Stews/Casseroles with Meat: 3 months

Beef Broth/Gravy: 3 months

Hot Dogs/Lunch Meats: 2 months

Jerky: Do not freeze/store in a pantry up to one year

*Keep in mind that cryovac packaging can double the storage time of your meat selections



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