Steak Grilling Tips

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Steak Grilling Tips

Here are some grilling tips that will help you make perfect steaks each and every time.
*Feel free to marinate your steaks for as long as you like before they are put on the grill. However, if you plan to add sauces to your steak, you should not apply them until your steaks are about finished cooking. Adding sauce to your steaks too early will cause them to burn.
*Your grill should be heated to a temperature of at least 375 degrees F. before you place your meat on the racks. Grass-fed steaks require the grill be turned to LOW after searing as grass-fed cooks much faster than grain fed due to less intramuscular fat.
*You should sear thick cuts of meat. This will keep the tasty juices sealed inside the meat and they won't drip away while cooking. Allow each side of the steak to sear for about 80 seconds.
*Once you have your steaks seared, you should move them off of the direct flame. They will cook indirectly when placed off of the flames because of the heat circulating inside the grill.



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