How to Know When Your Steak Is Done Cooking

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How do I know when steaks are done?

How to Know When Your Steak Is Done Cooking

If you are serving steaks to guests, you can be assured that each one will have their own preference in regards to degrees of doneness. For instance, one person may want their steak bloody rare, while another guest may want his or her steak burnt! The best way to know degrees of doneness in a steak is to purchase a small meat thermometer. Here are the readings you should look for when cooking steaks.

Rare: 140 degrees F. (The meat will be bright red.)
Medium Rare: 150 degrees F. (The meat will be dark pink.)
Medium: 160 degrees F. (The meat will be very light pink)
Well Done: 170 degrees F.(The meat will be brown.)



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